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Firework Safety
Mystical Distributing, Your Family Fireworks Retailer / Fireworks Supplier, want all their customers to have a safe Fireworks Display.

Fireworks are not toys replica watches and should be respected.

Mystical Fireworks is your NUMBER 1 Authority for Fireworks in Canada.

For all your Fireworks safety, information and educational needs contact Mystical Fireworks and get the straight scoop regarding anything Fireworks in Canada.

Please ensure all steps are taken to make your Fireworks Display as safe as possible.

firework safety bullet No firework except sparklers are to be held in hand when lit.
firework safety bullet Never take fireworks apart or modify them in louis vuitton replica any way.
firework safety bullet Do not leave fireworks unattended or close to lighting area.
firework safety bullet Be familiar with your fireworks before starting the display. Pay particular attention to the location of the wick and proper direction.
firework safety bullet Keep everyone back at least 40 feet for smaller ground effects, 150 feet or more for aerial effects.
firework safety bullet Most fireworks are design to be planted at least one third in a bucket of soil or sand and tilted slightly away from the audience.
firework safety bullet Never lean over a firework when lighting or after an item has been lit.
firework safety bullet HIGH WIND will affect the quality of your display replica handbags and may create a hazard. Be sure the firing area has lots of open space.
firework safety bullet Using a flash light, ignite each firework at arms length and immediately stand back.
firework safety bullet If an item does not ignite easily or seems to fizzle do not handle for ten minutes.
firework safety bullet Please be kind, keep all PETS SAFELY INDOORS.
firework safety bullet Have a large bucket of WATER or a water hose available. Hose down all debris after your display.
firework safety bullet People lighting the display should wear ear and breitling replica eye protection. A propane torch provides a constant steady flame for lighting.
firework safety bullet Keep fireworks in a closed box. Remove one at a time and close the lid at once.
Most incidents with Fireworks come from careless usage. Using common sense and the safety tips below, your Fireworks Display will be safer and all can enjoy the show to it's fullest extent.

Ensure all Fireworks are properly secured or buried.

Audience must be at least minimum recommended distance away from Display Area.

Keep all body parts away from fireworks when lighting.

Remove duds and spent fireworks to a safe area and dispose or douse with ample amounts of water.


Fireworks Certification Program
Pyrotechnics Guild International
Canadian Fireworks Association
American Pyrotechnics Association
National Fireworks Association