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Canadian Fireworks | Fireworks for Sale

Mystical Fireworks is pleased to offer our Canadian customers the BEST in both Family Fireworks (Consumer Fireworks) and Display Fireworks (Professional Fireworks). Our line of breitling replica Canadian Firework products is both extensive and very High Quality. Whether you're looking for a large display for your neighborhood Block Party or a few quality pieces for a backyard birthday, Mystical has what you NEED!

Each year we listen to what our customers have to say and to what they want for their Fireworks Displays. You, our customer, is the reason why each and every year we introduce as many new Fireworks as we possibly can. In the past customers have asked for more of the popular Cake type Firework and we listened by adding 9 new Fireworks in this category. This year we have introduced more than 30 new Fireworks and accessories in total so you can have the Best Fireworks Display possible! So come in to our store or drop us a line and let us know what you'd like to see for your next display.

We've also made it easy to order your next Fireworks Display. Use the buttons above to browse through the different Firework Categories. Using your mouse, move across each category menu item above to view an explanation of the Firework Types contained in the category. When you have found a category which contains the type of Firework you are looking for, click the corresponding button to be presented with ALL the fireworks found for that category. Here you can gather information related to the fireworks you are interested in, see a picture of the item or watch a video of that particular firework in action.

It is at this point where you may begin purchasing your Fireworks by adding them to your Shopping Cart.

Consumer Fireworks: Family FireworksHaven’t you always wanted a show in your backyard like the professionals do in those big displays? Now you can! Pick and breitling replica choose from over 240 Fireworks and entertain your family, friends or the whole neighborhood!

Display Fireworks: Licensed professionals can find all the tools they need. If you want to become a licensed Pyrotechnician / Fireworks Supervisor go to the Canadian Fireworks Certification Course here: Firework Certification Course

Flying Chinese Lanterns: It’s the same as a hot air balloon where you light the fuel and watch it climb hundreds of feet into the air! When the fuel runs out it floats gently back to the ground and it’s 100% biodegradable. Great for Birthdays and anniversaries or just plain fun.

Mystical Fire: Toss the whole pack into any wood fire breitling replica and watch the flames change colours. It lasts for over 30 minutes!

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Mystical Fire

Flying Chinese Lanterns

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