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Celebration of Light & Mystical Fireworks
CHINA & Mystical Fireworks - WINNER 2011

Pyrosure Lights Up Valencia!


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Pyrosure Firework Ignition System
- Wireless Technology
- Approved for Worldwide Use

BUY SYSTEM Qty   $1700.00 ea.
Pyrosure Wireless Firing Systems
are designed around the worlds leading communication chip.

The Pyrosure Wireless Firing System provides secure, encrypted and reliable two-way communication betweeen breitling replica the controller and up to 99 modules. The level of functionality is comparable with the best firing systems on the market today... for an unbeatable price!

This State-of-the-Art Firework Ignition System is designed to operate with standard E-Matches.

  • Built-in fully automated signal relay to boost signal strength and increase range beyond 2 miles.
  • 2.4 Ghz, 14 channel with automated scan selection of exact frequency.
  • High speed data sent and returned replica handbags in 20 milliseconds.
  • Compatible with 3rd party simulation software, show scripts downloaded by USB memory sticks.
  • Powered by 4 x 2000 mAh providing hours of operation plus a USB backup power supply.
BUY MODULE Qty   $500.00 ea.

Field Module
Field Module

Pyrosure Field Modules are constructed from solid aluminum witha backlit display providing information on cue connectivity, battery power and signal strength.

  • Modules store their own data and operate unassisted once display commences
  • 54000 uf capacitor discharge delivers 60 amps at 30 v.
  • Fires 20 + E-Matches per pin. 0.01 sec sequence, 480 matches in 0.24 sec.
  • Flexible configuration: 6 ports each w/ 4 cues, connected to the Pyrosure Rail 8
  • Each port extendable beyond 10 m using colid core CAT 5 cable.
BUY RAIL 8 Qty   $65.00 ea.

Rail 8
Rail 8

Manufactured from extruded aluminum with solid copper terminals and heavy duty return springs - the Rail 8 is almost indestructible.

  • Unaffected by moisture and capable of firing in water.
  • Strap to racks or spread out over 20 meters.
  • No other system deliver this flexibility.
BUY EXTENDER Qty   $30.00 ea.


Pyrosure Extenders are manufactured from an extruded aluminum casing. Connectors are gold plated to 6 U standard. These handy flexible items are ideal for extending cables to move rail 8 to replica watches another display position.

They are also suited for use in conjunction with flat cable SFI. Simply plug in 4 numbered igniters and connect to fireworks.

BUY RAIL 24 Qty   $800.00 ea.

Rail 24
Rail 24

The compact rail 24 is constructed from thick stainless steel. Like it's smaller brother, the rail 8, the rail 24 is virtually indestructible.

Configured in 6 groups of 4 terminals the 2 vertical columns make the unit uncluttered and avoid connection errors. Rail 24 is extremely flexible. Additional use of the rail 8 may be connected in parallel, duplicating each of the rail 24 cues giving countless configurations.

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firework news
June 2011
Celebration of Light is gearing up for another fantastic Fireworks competition and Mystical will be there to fight for the 2011 title as the 2009 Celebration of Light Champions!
Mystical Distributing Co. Ltd. will again represent China and will be using assorted shells and fireworks from Red Eagle manufacturing.
Celebration of Light is scheduled from July 30th to August 6th, 2011 and Mystical distributing will be performing first on Saturday, July 30th at 10pm with “China Storm�as this year’s theme for the competition.

May 2011
Mystical Fireworks is pleased to announce a recent agreement with the Liuyang Municipal Government in China. Rod Cameron, one of the owners of Mystical Fireworks, has just returned from China after meeting with Liuyang Government Officials and Fireworks officers where most of the world’s supply of Fireworks occurs. Mr. Cameron and the Chinese Government thought it was time to mechanize the production of Fireworks in China due to the high prices of raw materials, the shortage of workers and the increasing Government Safety Guidelines. The target for mechanization is to increase the growth in the Fireworks Industry in China making this bold move no less than an industrial revolution for the Chinese Firework Industry. As an engineer with expertise in machinery and fireworks production, Mr. Cameron has been designing firework machinery for his own facilities. This year, Mystical Fireworks will cooperate with the Liuyang Government to promote fireworks machines developed and manufactured for the Chinese market. In comparison with the relatively low-tech firework manufacturing used in China today, machines provided by Mystical Fireworks are all fully automated, high-tech pieces of equipment with core components manufactured in Canada.

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Lunar Storm New Firework
Lunar Storm - $36.99
12 Red Tails turn to Neon Red Palms, 12 Green Tails turn to Emerald Palms and 12 Gold Tails turn to Brilliant Gold Palms
Absolutely Beautiful!.

Night Terror New Firework
Night Terror - $39.99
18 Red Tails to Starbursts of Red Pistils with white Glittering Stars and 18 Green Tails to Starbursts of Red Pistils with green Glittering Stars.
Spectacular Firework!.